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a gallery of museum quality specimens that I have been privileged to photograph over the years


AHUMADA    428 gram partslice

ALBIN    332 gram complete slice

ALLENDE     769 and 1430 gram fusion crusted individuals and 137 gram full slice

CALCALONG CREEK    .508 gram slice of the rarest Lunar Meteorite in private hands

CANYON DIABLO     33 kg individual

CAMEL DONGA      Beautiful 462 gram specimen with pristine, jet black fusion crust

CHELYABINSK     Fresh 352 gram individual of this famous Russian fall

CHOTEAU     Fresh 86 Gram Complete Slice of this Montana ungrouped Pallasite

CUMBERLAND FALLS      Thin partslice weighing 2.98 grams with Chondritic clasts 

DAR AL GANI 400    Lunar Meteorite, 24.2 gram full slice

DAR AL GANI 476    Martian Meteorite, 37 gram full slice

DAR AL GANI 735    Martian Meteorite, 15 gram full slice

DAR AL GANI 735    Martian Meteorite, 76 gram endcut

GAO      510 gram fusion crusted individual

GHUBARA     31 Kg. display specimen

GIBEON    an iron meteorite second only to Sikhote-alin in it's sculpted beauty

GLORIETA MOUNTAIN    373 gr. Pallasite and 512 gr Iron slices and 1.4kg and 22 gram individuals

GOVERNADOR VALADARES    1.05 gram part slice with fusion crust

IMILAC    3147 gram complete slice from the Main Mass

JENNY'S CREEK    Iron meteorite from West Virginia

JOHNSTOWN     beautiful fragment with fusion crust

LANDES    Silicated Iron meteorite from West Virginia

LOS ANGELES  001    9.8 gram full slice of this United States Martian Meteorite

MARJALAHTI    53 gram part slice of this rare pallasite

MILLBILLILLIE      Beautiful 308 gram specimen with black fusion crust

MURCHISON    146 gram oriented individual with 100% fusion crust

MURCHISON    723 gram oriented nose-cone shaped individual picked up soon after the fall

NAKHLA   1.9 gram fusion crusted fragment

NEW CONCORD     Photos of the main mass at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio

NORTHEAST AFRICA  001     Lunar meteorite, endcut specimen 34.5 grams

NWA 032   1.155 gram partslice Lunar Mare Basalt

NWA 482   The freshest and only oriented lunar meteorite found to date.

NWA 998   Martian Nakhlite Meteorite - extremely important find.

NWA 1195   Martian Shergottite from the Sahara Desert.

NWA 1950   Martian Lherzolitic Shergottite from the Sahara Desert.

NWA 2737   Martian Chassignite from the Sahara Desert.

NWA 2046   Martian Meteorite, Main Mass 34.5 grams, Olivine-Orthopyroxene-Phyric Shergottite.

NWA 2200   Lunar feldspathic breccia

NWA 2650    Beautiful Eucrite from the Sahara

NWA 2975    Exceptionally fresh Martian Basaltic Shergottite

NWA 2977   Lunar olivine gabbro

NWA 2995   Lunar feldspathic breccia

NWA 3074    Fresh Eucrite from the Sahara

OUM DREYGA    114 gram individual of October 16, 2003 fall in Western Sahara

PORTALES VALLEY    491 gram oriented, iron rich individual, a 289 gram etched metal rich slice, and a 89 gram slice of the stone variety.

PULTUSK   82 gram individual from Vienna, Austria Museum

SAU 005   568 gram complete individual of a Martian Shergottite from Oman.

SAU 130   Martian Shergottite from Oman.

SEYMCHAN      Beautiful, stable pallasite sphere from Russia.

SIKHOTE-ALIN    9.4kg oriented individual

SIKHOTE-ALIN    73kg individual

SIKHOTE-ALIN    83kg oriented individual

SPRINGWATER    288 gram wedge-shaped pallasite specimen

SPRINGWATER    rediscovery report of the Springwater strewnfield

TATAHOUINE      Beautiful, LARGE 60 gram Diogenite from Tunisia 

TISSINT    Martian shergottite witnessed fall

ZAGAMI    12.9 grams of Mars with beautiful crust



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