A  meteorite from the planet Mars


This rare meteorite is classified as one of the SNC group of achondrite meteorites.   Scientists have determined, through soil and atmospheric analysis radioed from the Viking lander, that the SNC meteorites have their origin from the planet Mars.

The Nakhla meteorite was a shower of stones that fell in Alexandria Egypt June 28, 1911.  Total known weight of the fall is about 40kg.   It is classified as Achondrite, Ca-rich (Nakhlite).


This nice, chunky specimen measures 15mm by 11mm by 7mm at widest points.  It weighs 1.9 grams and has two sides of fusion crust as shown in photo #1 and #2.  This is an extremely nice piece.


nakhla19a.JPG (50148 bytes)   nakhla19b.JPG (45927 bytes)

nakhla19c.JPG (51344 bytes)   nakhla19d.JPG (44357 bytes)



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