New Concord, Ohio Meteorite

fell May 1, 1860

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Marietta College - Marietta, Ohio

Home of the main mass.


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New Concord Meteorite Main Mass 103 Lbs.




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5269 gram New Concord Meteorite


Links to online information on the New Concord, Ohio Meteorite:

The New Concord Meteorite Let’s stop kicking a dead horse - an article by Martin Horejsi.

Catalogue of the Meteorites of North America to January 1, 1909  Pages 329 to 342 have an extensive amount of historical information on the New Concord, Ohio meteorite fall by O. C. Farrington.  NOTE: this is a big PDF file.

ASU Center for Meteorite Studies - photo of one of their collection specimens.

Meteoritical Bulletin - entry for New Concord.



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