Dar al Gani 735 Martian Meteorite



  • Libya
  • Found Winter 1996/97
  • Martian meteorite (basaltic shergottite)

A 588 g complete stone covered with desert varnish was collected in the Dar al Gani region. Classification and mineralogy (F. Wlotzka, MPI; M. Kurz, Neukirchen, Germany): a porphyritic basalt with mm-sized olivines (normally zoned from Fa28 to Fa37) in a finer grained matrix of pigeonite (Fs25-28) and feldspathic glass (An65); a direct comparison with a thin section of DaG 476 shows that both stones are very similar and are probably paired; however, DaG 735 does not contain terrestrial carbonate veins, and appears less weathered than DaG 476. Specimens: type specimen, 6 g, MPI; main mass with anonymous finder.



Complete slice.

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dag73515a.JPG (124757 bytes)  dag73515b.JPG (75545 bytes)

This complete slice weighs 15.0 grams and measures 81.9mm by 45.1mm by 1.2mm thick.  All measurements taken at widest point.   Second photo shows the specimen with quarter for size reference. 




Magmatic and unusual inclusions in olivine grains in the Dar al Gani 735 Shergottite from the 64th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting (pdf file - requires Adobe reader)

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