The Glorieta Mountain pallasite was found in 1874.   Several masses totalling 147kg were recovered.  The main mass weighing 20.2kg was discovered by Steve Schoner.  A severe cut loss left only 11.4kg remaining.   The slice below is part of this mass.   


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glorieta373a.JPG (126091 bytes)  glorieta373b.JPG (129277 bytes)

373 gram complete palasitic slice measuring 220mm by 160mm by 2.8mm thick


gloriettairon512.JPG (104478 bytes)

512 gram complete iron slice measuring 232mm by 135mm by 2.9mm thick


glorietta22gramsa.JPG (113132 bytes)  glorietta22gramsb.JPG (95922 bytes)  glorietta22gramsc.JPG (108311 bytes)  glorietta22gramsd.JPG (97747 bytes)

22 gram individual measuring 37mm by 26mm by 14mm


glorieta1397a.JPG (182028 bytes)  glorieta1397b.JPG (204663 bytes)  glorieta1397c.JPG (164985 bytes)

1397 gram individual measuring 109mm by 97mm by 56mm


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