ZAGAMI - 12.9 grams with 45% crust


This specimen measures 35mm by 15mm by 18mm at widest points.


This extremely rare meteorite is classified as one of the SNC group of achondrite meteorites.   Scientists have determined, through soil and atmospheric analysis radioed from the Viking lander, that the SNC meteorites have their origin from the planet Mars.

The Zagami meteorite was a single 40 pound stone that fell in Nigeria October 3, 1962.  It was recovered by a local farmer who was almost hit by the meteorite as he was tending his field.  The meteorite was found at the bottom of the two-foot hole it created when it hit the earth. It is classified as Achondrite, Ca-rich (Shergottite).



zagami129a.jpg (54953 bytes)

Looking down on top at all the beautiful crust.  This is as richly black crust as I have ever seen on Zagami.  A shiny black like is found on high quality Camel Donga.  I have seen many specimens which have a dull black color.   This is certainly not the case with this piece!!!

zagami129b.jpg (53817 bytes)

A close-up view of the crust.  Stunningly beautiful.

zagami129c.jpg (44618 bytes)

A view of the opposite side showing the interior of the piece.   It naturally sits on a cut face when on display.  This allows both sides with crust to be easily viewed.

zagami129d.jpg (45300 bytes)

A close-up view of the interior on the side which the piece would naturally sit on when on display..


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