35.5 gram fragment with lots of fusion crust !!!

Johnstown fell in Johnstown Colorado on July 6, 1924.  After four explosions, 27 stones fell with a total recovered weight of apporximately 40.3kg.  The largest stone weighed 23.5kg.  It is classified as an Achondrite, Diogenite.


johnstown36a.JPG (80789 bytes)  johnstown36b.JPG (90849 bytes)

johnstown36c.JPG (91260 bytes)  johnstown36d.JPG (60521 bytes)  johnstown36e.JPG (73932 bytes)

This specimen weighs 36.9 grams and measures 37mm by 31mm by 22mm at widest points.  It has approximately 40% fusion crust coverage which curves around two sides.  The top two photos show all the fusion crust, (in the last photo of the bottom row, the fusion crust is on the left and top sides in the photo).


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