Los Angeles 001 Martian Meteorite


OFFICIAL CLASSIFICATION:  from The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 84,  August, 2000

  • Los Angeles (LA 001 and LA 002)

  • Los Angeles County, California, USA  - Recognized October 30, 1999.

  • Martian basalt (shergottite)

Two stones, weighing 452.6 g and 245.4 g respectively, were found by Bob Verish in his back yard while he was cleaning out a box of rocks that was part of his rock collection. The specimens may have been collected ~20 years ago in the Mojave Desert. Classification and mineralogy (A. Rubin, P. Warren and J. Greenwood, UCLA): a basalt with a texture closely resembling that of the QUE 94201; plagioclase laths, 43.6 vol%, An41Or4 to An58Or1, have been shocked to maskelynite; Ca-pyroxene, 37.7 vol%, ranges from Fs45Wo13 to Fs45Wo37 to Fs72Wo24; other mineral modes (vol%), silica = 4.9, fayalite = 4.2, K-rich felsic glass = 2.4, titanomagnetite = 3.5, Ca phosphate = 2.7 (including whitlockite and chlorapatite), pyrrhotite = 0.7, and ilmenite = 0.2; contains a higher proportion of plagioclase than Shergotty or Zagami, and has pyroxene that is moderately more ferroan than that in QUE 94201. Specimens: main masses with finder; 30 g, UCLA; 20 g, SI. Note, one may encounter references to the two masses as Los Angeles 001 and 002, or stone no. 1 and stone no. 2, respectively; these are unofficial designations.


Additional information can be found on JPL Mars Meteorite Website.


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History of this slice:  Robert Haag received a thick full slice of this meteorite after the Tucson Gem and Mineral show Feb, 2000.  In January of 2006, Bob spit his slice down the middle with a $50,000 high precision wire saw.  He kept one slice for his collection and allowed this one to be acquired.

First and second photos show both sides of the full slice.  There is fusion crust around the outside edge.

The third photo shows the translucency of some of the crystals and the fourth photo is for scale.

This is a complete slice of LA 001.  It weighs 9.8 grams and measures 50.9mm by 47.2mm by 1.5mm thick.  Measurements were taken at widest points.



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