NWA 032 Lunar Meteorite


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Specimen shown is 1.155 grams and measures approx. 24.1mm x 18.4mm x 1.0mm thick.  The outside edge of the meteorite is represented along the curved edge in the left of the photo.



From the Meteoritical Bulletin #84 August, 2000:
  • NWA 032
  • Found October 1999 near Moroccan/Algerian border 
  • Lunar meteorite (olivine-pyroxene basalt)

A stone of ~300 g was found in the desert. Classification and mineralogy (T. Fagan, UHaw; T. Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU): olivine, pyroxene, and chromite phenocrysts occur in a groundmass of elongate, zoned pyroxene (En1-25Wo15-25) and feldspar (~An85) crystals radiating from common nucleation sites; opaque phases include elongate, skeletal ilmenite, troilite, and trace metal; olivine phenocrysts (~12 vol%) up to 300 mm are zoned from Fo65 (cores) to Fo60 (rims), and commonly have chromite inclusions; pyroxene phenocrysts (~5 vol%) are complexly zoned, with En40-50 Wo20-40 and En15-25 Wo10-20 domains; both olivine and pyroxene phenocrysts surrounded by Fe-rich quenched margins (olivines, ~Fo30; pyroxenes, En5-25 Wo15-30); glass with ~45.7 wt% SiO2 occurs in semi-continuous shock veins up to 50 mm wide; some terrestrial weathering products are present in fractures, but primary assemblage is essentially unaltered.

Oxygen isotope compositions (R. Clayton, UChi): d 18 O = +5.63 , d 17 O = +2.92. Bulk composition (in wt%, E. Jarosewich, SI): SiO2 = 44.7; TiO2 = 3.08; Al2O3 = 8.74; FeO = 23.0; MnO = 0.33; MgO = 8.45; CaO = 10.9; Na2O = 0.37; K2O = 0.11; H2O = 0.06. Specimens: type specimen, ~5-6 g, contact T. Bunch, NAU; 1.1 g plus thin section, UHaw.


More information on NWA 032..... Washington University of St. Louis


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