SEYMCHAN Pallasite

Location:  Seymchan, Magadan district, far east Russia. 
Coordinates:  62 54' N / 152 26' E 
Date of find: 1967
Type: IIE and Pallasite specimens
TKW: 312.3 kg in 1967 and many more KG in subsequent searches.


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seymnchanspherea.JPG (128647 bytes)  seymnchansphereb.JPG (118731 bytes)  seymnchanspherec.JPG (120415 bytes)  seymnchansphered.JPG (126571 bytes)

626 gram, sphere with lots of olivine.   Imagine how much material was lost in the cutting process to make this sphere.   Obviously only a few were made.  Measures 58 mm in Diameter.  Ignore the glare from the lights as there are no blemishes on this specimen.




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