NWA 3074 Eucrite Meteorite


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First photo is cut face.  Third photo is back of endcut.   Second and fourth photos show sides of endcut.

Endcut shown is 271 grams.  Cut face measures 62mm x 33mm.  The depth of the endcut is 55mm.  All measurements taken at widest point.



  • NWA 3074
  • Found 2002 near Moroccan/Algerian border 
  • Stone - Achondrite, Eucrite

Three stones totalling 453 g were found in 2002 by an anonymous finder in the Occidental Saharan desert. Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake and M. Kurz): polymict fragmental breccia with dominantly plagioclase and pyroxene clasts set into a fine-grained matrix of zoned orthopyroxene (Fs26-72.3), exsolved Ca-pyroxene, and opaques; lithic clasts include basalts with exsolved Ca-pyroxenes and impacts melt fragments; plagioclase, An91.6; pigeonite, Fs35.5-53.2Wo5.2-13.6; augite, Fs33.6-36.5Wo27.3-36.4; minor phases include olivine (Fa24.3), silica, ilmenite, and troilite; low degree of shock; low degree of weathering. Main mass with anonymous finder; type specimen 21.2 g plus one polished thin section MNB.


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