CV3 Carbonaceous Chondrite. It fell at 1:05 AM on February 8, 1969 over the town of Allende, Mexico. The meteorite exploded in the air in a brilliant fireball and scattered thousands of pieces over an area 30 miles long. The total known weight is over two tons. Allende is the largest stone fall for total weight known! When the main mass exploded, the individual fragments continued to burn and thus they exhibit a nice primary and secondary fusion crust. Most Allende stones have areas of missing fusion crust probably due to spalation.


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allende1430a.JPG (413595 bytes)  allende1430b.JPG (386637 bytes)  allende1430c.JPG (484683 bytes)  allende1430d.JPG (410505 bytes)  allende1430f.JPG (446757 bytes)  allende1430e.jpg (398061 bytes)

1430 gram individual measuring 104 mm by 92 mm by 78 mm at widest points.


allende135and769.JPG (452197 bytes)  allende135and769a.JPG (855959 bytes)

135 gram complete slice and 769 gram individual.



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