Oum Dreyga


114 gram fusion crusted individual



  • Gour Lafkah, Western Sahara

  • Fell October 16, 2003, 2:00 AM GMT

  • Ordinary chondrite (H3-5)

On 16 October 2003, Moroccan soldiers stationed in Western Sahara saw a meteorite falling on Gour Lafkah Mountains, south of Zbayra, about 21 km from Oum Dreyga. The meteorite fell near a 670 km long wall built in 1985, protected by antipersonnel mines, and guarded by soldiers. About 17kg were recovered. Stones from this fall were later brought to Moroccan dealers. Most of them have been collected after a rainfall and are thus slightly oxidized. However, some fragments have been picked up soon after the fall; these are very fresh. Fragments have been sold under the names Amgala and Gor Lefcah. Classification and mineralogy (M. Bourot-Denise, MNHNP): very fresh, with a black fusion crust; H3-5 breccia (Fa16.7 6.0; 19.5 0.8; Fs14.4 4.4; 17.4 1.3), S4, W0. Specimens: type specimen 20 g and two polished mounts, MNHNP.



amgalaa.jpg (156126 bytes)   amgalab.jpg (132052 bytes)  amgalac.jpg (73707 bytes)   amgalad.jpg (69795 bytes)

This specimen weighs 114 grams and measures 58mm by 47mm by 17mm at widest points.


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