NWA 2737 Martian Meteorite


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This is a partial endcut with the back side represented in the first photo..  It weighs 7.02 grams and measures 31.7 mm by 21.4 mm by 8.8 mm thick.  All measurements taken at widest point.


From The Meteoritical Bulletin No. 90

  • Northwest Africa 2737

  • Found in 2000 in Morocco 

  • Martian meteorite (chassignite)

History: In August 2000, meteorite collectors discovered a stone fragmented into nine pieces (308 g, 128 g, 74 g, 47 g, 38 g, 6.4 g, 3.3 g, 2.0 g, and 4.3 g for a total mass of 611 g) in the western part of the Sahara.  Petrography and Geochemistry: (P. Beck, Ph. Gillet, B. Reynard, B. van de Moortele, ENSL; J.A. Barrat, M. Bohn, I. Cotton, UBO) Olivine (Fo78.2–79.1; Mn/Fe = 0.018; ~89.6 vol%), chromite (4.6 vol%), low-Ca pyroxene (En78.5Wo2.7Fs18.8 to En76.6Wo3.2Fs20.2), high-Ca pyroxenes (En73.5Wo8.0Fs18.5 to En64.0Wo22.1Fs13.9; Mn/Fe 0.030 [total of low- and high-Ca pyroxene ~4.1 vol%]), and sanidine glass (~1.6 vol%) with traces of apatite. The texture is that of a cumulate dominated by mm-size anhedral to subhedral olivine crystals, sometimes poikilitically enclosed in augite (En54.6Wo32.8Fs12.6 to En46.7Wo44.1Fs9.2). Oxygen isotopes: (I. Franchi, R. Greenwood, OU) d17O = 2.40, d18O = 4.02, ?17O = 0.315; d17O = 2.30, d18O = 3.85, ?17O = 0.295 (all ‰, n = 2). Furthermore, NWA 2737 displays trace element abundances similar to Chassigny. For example, its REE pattern resembles that of Chassigny but with a more pronounced LREE enrichment.


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JPL Mars Meteorite Home Page - Photos and scientific information on NWA 2737.


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