Calcalong Creek Lunar Meteorite


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Specimen shown is .508 grams and measures approx. 16mm x 11mm x 1.5mm thick with fusion crust present along the slanted left edge.

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This is a photo of the opposite side of this specimen.  There is a little fusion crust on the right edge as well as the left edge which can be seen in this photo.

  • Calcalong Creek, Australia
  • Found about 1990 
  • Lunar meteorite (feldspathic/mare regolith breccia)

A 19 gram stone was found mixed in a group of Millbillillie meteorites by Robert Haag in 1990. 

The Calcalong Creek meteorite is the first lunar meteorite to be found outside of Antarctica.  Compositionally, it is unique among lunar meteorites in having high concentrations of incompatible trace elements, which indicates that it probably came from the Procellarum region of the Moon..... Washington University of St. Louis


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