Springwater Pallasite

Springwater was found in 1931 in Saskatchewan, Canada.  It is classified as a Pallasite with a total recovered weight of 67.6kg.   Three masses of 38.5kg, 18.6kg, and 10.4kg were found near Springwater, 100 miles west of Saskatoon.  The Springwater Pallasite is unique in that it contains the mineral Farringtonite - http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1989LPI....20..220D

In the Fall of 2008, the Springwater strewnfield was rediscovered.  The area was thoroughly hunted since then by three of my friends and myself.  This link has some photos and videos of some of our hunting trips - http://www.springwater-pallasite.com/


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springwater43a.JPG (260089 bytes)  springwater43b.JPG (208118 bytes)  springwater43c.JPG (257351 bytes)

Highly translucent part slice weighing 43 grams.  It measures 103 mm by 67 mm by 1.4 mm thick.  Etched on one side and polished on opposite side - SOLD




114 gram individual measuring 57 mm by 41 mm by 27 mm. - SOLD





169 gram individual measuring 50 mm by 46 mm by 33 mm. - SOLD



Springwater192a.JPG (236919 bytes) springwater192b.JPG (230318 bytes) springwater192c.jpg (125476 bytes)

Translucent partslice weighing 191 grams.  It measures 210 mm by 140 mm by 2.1 mm thick.  Etched on one side and polished on opposite side - SOLD





324 gram individual measuring 70 mm by 50 mm by 48 mm.  This is the nicest individual that I have. - SOLD



springwater402a.jpg (247512 bytes) springwater402b.JPG (239032 bytes) springwater402c.jpg (113891 bytes)

402 grams measuring 288 mm by 159 mm by 2.8 mm thick. Etched on one side and polished on opposite side  - SOLD





444 gram individual measuring 78 mm by 73 mm by 45 mm. - SOLD



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