NWA 2976

Ultra-Rare Achondrite Meteorite


  • Morocco or Algeria
  • Found 2005
  • Achondrite (ungrouped)

    History: A complete 219 g stone with no crust was purchased in Erfoud, Morocco in November 2005. Petrography: (T. Bunch and J. Wittke, NAU) Contains mm-sized pigeonite with exsolved augite lamellae surrounded by recrystallized plagioclase and minor amounts of relict plagioclase of similar composition. Geochemistry: Pigeonite (Fs64.8Wo6.1), FeO/MnO = 64; Augite (Fs44.2 Wo27.3); Plagioclase (An84.0 ­ 86.8). Abundant chromite is observed. The sample also contains minor amounts of Zn-bearing FeS, Cr-ulvöspinel, silica and phosphate. Classification: Achondrite (Ungrouped).
    This meteorite is paired with NWA 2400 and NWA 011. Although no oxygen isotopic data has yet been obtained, the petrography is essentially identical to these two meteorites. Shock effects are minimal and internal weathering is very low. Specimens: A 23.2 g sample is on deposit at NAU.


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nwa2976166a.JPG (234897 bytes)  nwa2976166ab.JPG (318988 bytes)  nwa2976166c.JPG (325234 bytes)

The above specimen is a wedged shaped piece with three cut faces.   The three photographs above were all taken while the specimen was sitting on the cut bottom.  The first two show the othere two cut faces which measure 28.4mm by 20.1mm and 28.4mm by 19.6mm respectively.  The third photo is a view of the back side.  It weighs a whopping 16.6 grams. - $16,000-



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