Impactite from the Monturaqui Crater

The Monturaqui Crater is located near Peine, Chile.  The present dimensions of the crater are approximately 1000 feet in diameter by 100 feet deep.  The impact probably occurred more than 100,000 years ago.  The impacting body was most likely a coarse octahedrite of group I related to the Canyon Diablo meteorite from Meteor Crater in Arizona.  The high terrestrial age and a previously more wet climate has virtually eliminated all metallic material with the exception of the Impactite as offered for sale here.  I visited the crater in late April 2000 and collected these specimens myself.  There is very little of this material remaining at the site to be collected.

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The first photo shows a group of  9 Impactites weighing a total of 29 grams.  The second photo shows one of the larger sizes that I collected and weighs 36 grams.  Please email me with your size requirements as I have more specimens than are pictured above.   All specimens are priced at $.50- per gram. (48497 bytes)

Monturaqui Crater, note our truck parked in the bottom of the crater where we camped.  This crater is not easy to find.  We used known GPS co-ordinates and the trip required a four wheel drive vehicle.  We also hauled extra gas and water. (32152 bytes)

Looking at the Northeast corner of the crater.  The edges have become worn over the years. (28569 bytes)

The light colored area at the left of the photo shows where a shaft was dug in search of meteorite material years ago.  Nothing was found, just like the search at Meteor Crater in Arizona. (33208 bytes)

A view from the crater area looking west toward the Volcanic mountains and the Bolivian border. (23934 bytes)

This Volcano increased in activity each day that we were in the area.   That is not clouds in the photo but smoke and steam coming from the Volcano. (27753 bytes)

One of the main streets of San Pedro de Atacama.  This town is within driving distance of the Monturaqui Crater. (36035 bytes)

The vast Atacama salt flats.  San Pedro lies at the northern end.

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