Authentic Meteorite Jewelry

The jewelry and beads offered are hand crafted using the Northwest Africa 869 stone meteorite.

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Northwest Africa 869

Northwest Africa

Find: 2000 or 2001

Ordinary chondrite (L4-6)

History: It is quite clear that meteorite collectors in Northwest Africa have discovered a large L chondrite strewnfield at an undisclosed location.  At least 2 metric tons of material comprising thousands of individuals have been sold under the name NWA 869 in the marketplaces of Morocco and around the world.    Individual masses are known to range from <1 g  to >20 kg.   It is certain that NWA 869 is paired with other NWA meteorites, although no systematic survey has been done.  It is also possible that some stones sold as NWA 869 are not part of the same fall, although dealers are confident that most of the known masses are sufficiently distinctive from other NWA meteorites in terms of surface and internal appearance that the error rate should be fairly low.  Scientists are advised to confirm the classification of any specimens they obtain before publishing results under this name. 

Petrography, Composition and Classification: (A. Rubin, UCLA) A fragmental breccia of type 4-6 material; one thin section dominated by an L5 lithology gave olivine = Fa24.2. Classification: Ordinary Chondrite (L4-6); S3, W1.

Type specimen:  A 189.3 g sample on deposit at UCLA.




Custom Handcrafted Pendant with Mars Meteorite Crystals:

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Crystals from of the Mars Meteorite, NWA 998, were used to make this glass teardrop pendant.  It was handcrafted using a 14K gold plated bell cap and bail.   Click Here for information about the NWA 998 Mars Meteorite.  - SOLD OUT


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