82 gram oriented individual

This is the most unusual Sikhote-alin specimen that I have ever seen.

It is an oriented specimen with a slight roll over rim round the bottom edge.  It has flowing metal as can be clearly seen in the side views.  It has flow lines in the fusion crust.  All the classic characteristics of meteorite orientation. 

The most unusual feature of this specimen is it's shape.  It looks exactly like a tree stump when standing as shown in the first three photos.   The top is cut off flat like a tree trunk and the sides flow down in three directions like the roots of a tree.

I have seen hundreds and hundreds of Kilos of Sikhote-alin but never anything as unique as this one.  The photos do not do this meteorite justice.


sa82aa.jpg (82870 bytes)  sa82bb.jpg (67573 bytes)  sa82cc.jpg (83340 bytes)

Side views above.  The specimen measures 21mm tall when placed in this position.

sa82dd.jpg (92475 bytes) Photo taken looking straight down at the top.

sa82ee.jpg (91643 bytes)

Photo above shows bottom of specimen.  In this photo it measures 47mm by 34mm.