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1937 gram oriented individual

cone.side.jpg (57034 bytes)

If there was ever a Sikhote-alin specimen which deserved the term "Museum Quality" when describing it, this is the one.  This is truly a pristine example of an oriented meteorite.

Lots and lots of flight markings on this beautifully oriented piece.  There is a classic, well defined roll-over rim around the edge of the back.     This specimen has all the textbook characteristics of an oriented meteorite.  Very, very high quality with NO rust.  It measures mm by 125mm by 95mm by 70mm at widest points.

I have seen many hundreds of KG of Sikhote-alin.  This is without a doubt, the one of the nicest oriented specimens that I have ever seen.


sa1937front.jpg (75261 bytes)   The front (leading edge) of this meteorite.  This side of the meteorite has flow lines nearly everywhere you look.  It has an outstanding surface quality which I believe can not be surpassed.

sa1937back.JPG (86200 bytes)  Photo of the back of this meteorite.  Notice the beautiful regmaglypts.  There is also a prominent rollover rim around much of the edge.

cone.side.jpg (57034 bytes)   sa1937side1.JPG (58147 bytes)   hsa1937side2.JPG (60160 bytes)   sa1937side3.JPG (72122 bytes)  Side views showing the flowing metal and many of the flow lines in the fusion crust.   There are flow lines present on about 90% of the surface of the front and sides of this specimen.

sa1937flow.JPG (53555 bytes)   Here is a close-up of some of the flow lines in the fusion crust.  The photo does not do the specimen justice.  Actually, none of these photos do this meteorite justice.