Fairyland Basin Trip

August 7, 2000

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FLBOrangetoJoseph.JPG (87565 bytes) GPS check on the trip in.  We were traveling x-country at this point from the trail to our campsite at Joseph's Coat Springs.
flb8.jpg (59315 bytes) Looking up Broad Creek toward Joseph's Coat Springs.
flb9.jpg (62595 bytes) Campsite 4B1.  Jake and Lonnie in foreground with Tim walking away in the back..
FLBgriz.JPG (57031 bytes) Grizzly Bear tracks 200 yards downstream from our campsite at JCS.  A sow and cub left a trail of tracks through a muddy area next to the creek.
FLBElkAntlers.jpg (53959 bytes) Jake holds an Elk skull and antlers found close, but downstream, from our campsite.
FLBCamp.jpg (61163 bytes) The view looking down Broad Creek from our campsite, 4B1 toward JCS.
FLBlogjam.jpg (32798 bytes) "Log Jam Thermal Area."  Downstream from our campsite a half mile or so, this is where we left the creek for our x-country trek to Coffee Pot Springs.
FLBCave.jpg (68820 bytes) Jake checks out the cave located along Broad Creek close to the "Log Jam Thermal Area"
flb1.jpg (53791 bytes) Our first view from above of Fairyland basin.
flb10.jpg (53808 bytes) Lower Section of Golden Fleece Falls located at the bottom of our decent into the canyon.  It is upstream from Fairyland basin a 1/4 mile.
flb11.jpg (38904 bytes) My first view of the main shield of cones as we came down Shallow Creek.   Jake and I could hardly contain ourselves and hurried to see our goal as the others lingered at Golden Fleece Falls.
flb1a.jpg (48678 bytes) Coming ever closer to our goal, I started taking as many photos as I could.
FLBGroupPhoto.jpg (55952 bytes) Our group of 5 assembles for a photo: Brian, Tim, Lonnie, Jake, and myself.
flb3.jpg (61740 bytes) Looking up Broad Creek from the Confluence.  Cones leading up to the giant boulders in the creek.  What a sight!!!
FLBShallow1.JPG (76516 bytes) A photo looking down Shallow Creek toward the Confluence of Broad and Shallow Creeks.
flb12.jpg (59176 bytes) These cones were on the opposite (east) side of Shallow Creek from the main shield.
flb13.jpg (64911 bytes) Looking up Shallow Creek.
flb14.jpg (70561 bytes) The Magic Mushroom.
flb24.jpg (66168 bytes) A closer view of the Mushroom.
flb7.jpg (68124 bytes) Still another view of this famous cone.
flb5.jpg (45348 bytes) Notice cone just to the right of the big fat one in the middle. See how it has a cave in the bottom? The next photo shows what is inside.
flb5a.jpg (64082 bytes) It looks like a tube within the cone. This one had part of the outside which had deteriorated over the years. This allowed us to see inside one of the cones.
flb6.jpg (57109 bytes) Many of the short cones that we could see into had holes in the top.
flb15.jpg (54288 bytes) Looking down Broad Creek.
flb16.jpg (55959 bytes) Still another view of the main group.
flb17.jpg (62132 bytes) Jake coming down Shallow Creek toward the confluence.
flb18.jpg (57008 bytes) Looking down Broad Creek.
FLBTrioSpires.jpg (56252 bytes) I crossed Shallow Creek here to go downstream to check out the lone cone.
flb19.jpg (62757 bytes) A lone cone down Broad Creek from the confluence.
flb20.jpg (65300 bytes) A closer view of the lone cone.
flbupbroad.jpg (30049 bytes) I walked on down Broad Creek past the lone cone and took this shot back toward the confluence and the main group of cones.
flb21.jpg (60997 bytes) Shallow Creek above the Confluence, looking downstream..
flb22.jpg (71265 bytes) Looking up Shallow Creek from the Confluence.
flb23.jpg (71542 bytes) Looking down Broad Creek toward the confluence.
flb4.jpg (57620 bytes) This hot spring was located down stream from the confluence of the creeks.  It is so clear that there does not look like there is any water in the pool at all.
flb25.jpg (79159 bytes)

An interesting boiling hot spring.  I think it was on Broad Creek.

flb26.jpg (56312 bytes) This interesting little spouter was arching hot water directly into Shallow Creek.

CLICK HERE for the trip report of our July 2001 trip to Fairyland.

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