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Robert Ward with large Springwater Pallasite.


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Robert finds a pallasite in a rock pile. This method has been done for years. Farmers clear the field and pile the larger rocks up on the edge. If you're lucky a meteorite will turn up.

A small pallasite still in the ground.



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Shauna on ATV with a large pallasite.

Shauna takes a break and enjoys her big find of the day.



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Shauna, two thumbs up!!!

Shauna Russell braving the cold.



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Jim Strope, Shauna Russell and Robert Ward

Robert Ward sporting yet another great find.



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Springwater Pallasite insitu.

A beautiful Springwater Pallasite.



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A close up of the pallasite Shauna dug up in the video on page one. Weight is 3.4 kilograms.


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