Sinks of Gandy - August 8, 2015


What to bring:

1. You should bring a complete change of clothes, including shoes.

2.  Bring a towel.  I will have 5 gallons of water for us to use to clean up after the trip.  You will probably only get wet and dirty from the thighs down for the most part.

3.  Bring a head lamp, if you have one.  I have enough flashlights for everyone.  I also have a waterproof day pack that everyone can put their cameras, etc. to keep dry.  I am hoping someone younger than me will volunteer to carry it.!!!!  LOL!!!!

4.  We will leave my house at 7:00 am sharp.  It takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to drive to Elkins.   We need to leave on time because we have reservations at Henry G's Cafe at 10:00.  I have menus for everyone to look at on the way down.  They will fix us anything on the menu. 

5.  We will be eating at El Gran Sabor, an authentic Venezuelan Restaurant in Elkins for dinner.  I did not make reservations so that we can be flexible with our day.  I do not have menus but, the menu and photos are on their website.


  Elkins, West Virginia, weather forecast


First stop - Brunch at Henry G's Cafe in Elkins:

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Click here for more information on Henry G's Cafe



Next stop - Sinks of Gandy:





For Dinner - El Gran Sabor in Elkins:


Click here for more information on the El Gran Sabor